Erisa Liu is a 3D generalist specializing in game-ready assets. Starting her path in visual arts in 2012, she has since been accustomed to working with different pipelines in order to deliver a fun and visually appealing experience. Erisa completed her BFA in Fine Arts majoring Game Art at Ringling College of Art + Design in 2019, and is now working full-time at her co-founded company, Bluecurse Studios, making Snacko.

Prior to starting her career in art, Erisa studied classical piano for 15 years with instructors from The Curtis Institute, Julliard, and Mannes. Now, she plays sporadically to relieve stress and entertain her cats.



A farming adventure game currently under development. I am responsible for the art direction, all 3D and 2D game assets, most of the concept art, and the implementation of art assets. My other responsibilities on this project include community management and marketing.

Tactics: Empire

College thesis project as part of a three person group. I was responsible for the player character design and assets, some gameplay scripting in UE4, as well as the landing area and marketplace environments. Tactics: Empire is a vertical slice of a tactical third-person shooter.

3D Works

Concepts and execution of 3D environments and assets. All rendered in UE4. Used Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter & Designer, and Photoshop.


Illustrations and designs; mixture of personal work, work for clients, and school work.

Game Jams

Game jams are events where devs rush to complete a game within a certain set of rules and time limit. Each game has a full list of credits and more information linked below.

Barely Paid

Zappy Boy