Tactics: Empire
Tactics: Empire is my final college thesis, a playable third-person shooter combining inspiration from Studio Ghibli films as well as JRPGs. I was responsible for the initial landing area as well as the town marketplace. Player character modelling, texturing, material treatment, as well as locomotion…
Snacko started as a for-fun project my husband and I started in mid-2018. We wanted to explore pixel art within a 3D setting with dynamic lighting. Since then, the project has evolved and a company created to facilitate its development. I’m in charge of all…
Vignette Sketch
3 day vignette rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Focus was on quick asset production, stylized texturing, and creating a soft mood. View on Sketchfab
Interactive Interior
Collaboration between visual development, 3D, and game design class to create a short interactive experience within Unreal Engine 4.
Fantasy Taiga Biome
3 week project to create a biome inspired by the terraces of Jiuzhaigou and caves of Kauai
Modular First Person Shooter Level
Collaborative assignment between 3D & Game Design. The goal was to use limited pieces to design and build a team death match¬†using a FPS project provided by Epic Games. Throughout the project, beyond visual appeal, mindfulness of collision, level flow, lighting, and architecture size relative…
Modified Honda Civic EX-L
The goal of the project was to modify an existing, street-legal car. The model was used in-game for a race track made in Unreal Engine 4.