Barely Paid

2017 Sarasota Game Jam


Developed for a 48-hour game jam with the theme of “labor”, Barely Paid – The Catastrophe tells a story of two unpaid laborers, who must construct their way to a proper day’s wages. A harrowing tale of loyalty, companionship, and betrayal, two players must work together to make a better life for us all…


A “cooperative” game that requires you and your friend to throw, push, and jump through 4 levels. A variety of switch puzzles that utilize physics and the mechanic to hold and throw anything from the other player to harmful carrot-bullets. How fast you can clear depends on how well you work together…or how badly you want to piss them off.

Allison Texture Artist & Animator
Erisa Level Designer & Lighting Artist
Gaby 2D & Concept Artist
Jordan Programmer
Ken Technical Artist
Yezheng “Dan” The Modeler

This game is available for download on

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