Vignette Sketch

3 day vignette rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Focus was on quick asset production, stylized texturing, and creating a soft mood.

Concept Sketch

From the start, I knew I had a limited amount of time to create props and set dress. I wanted to create a space that would communicate the idea of a cat's environment, and originally set out to create a bedroom scene. After my own cat came and sat on my keyboard, I decided to change the setting to a work station.

Maya Block In

Typically, I like to start in Maya with a quick block in to get a rough idea of size and position. Once I find a composition I'm happy with, I bring it into Unreal and find a similar camera, often making a couple of bookmarks to switch between while working.

Detail Lighting

Final Render

While happy with the final result, this project was definitely a learning experience. Moving forward, I'd like to explore better ways to stylize assets instead of modelling from reference, and getting a better grasp of hand-painted textures.

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