Welcome to the world of snacko!

Generations ago, the country of Meowtopia experienced a calamity that left the citizens wary of the government and other citizens. Through time, cats drifted away from one another, opting to live in secluded areas and only talking to a select few out of necessity.


One day while spring cleaning, you discover a box of old photographs from your grandpop’s time. In it are filled with wonderful images of cats enjoying each other’s company, and bustling towns with yummy looking treats all around. Motivated by the goal of bringing towns back together, you set off with your childhood friend to recruit other cats to join your cause…


What is snacko?

In snacko, you farm, fish, mine, collect, build, and customize your growing town! Traverse dungeons and solve puzzles to find cats that you can recruit. Grow vegetables, cook, or fish and help grow your town. Befriend nomad cats and have them join you. Make choices on their house or shop style, and where it will be placed in your ever-growing land! What’s your vision for your town?


snacko is currently under development using Unreal Engine 4 with an undetermined release date for PC and Nintendo Switch.


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