Zappy Boy’s Adventure

2017 Game Jam


In the theme of “Transmission”, you play as the eponymous Electrical Spirit, Zappy Boy! Draw electrical wires with your mouse for Zappy Boy to travel through! Guide Zappy Boy through each level, dodging environmental hazards ranging from crows to cats, to reach the end goal of powering a house that has run out of electricity! Bring happiness to the people in the form of glorious electricity! Tesla would be proud!

Allison Texture Artist & Animator
Antonio Level Concept Artist
Erisa Level Designer & Lighting Artist
Eric Texture Artist
Gaby 2D & Concept Artist
Jordan Programmer
Jonathan UX/UI Designer
Ken Technical Artist
Sam 3D Artist
Special Thanks

* Sarasota Game Developers Group – Joe Granato, Bryan Nikla, Martin Murphy, and Rick Dakan.

* Autodesk, Epic Games, Allegorithmic

This game is available for download on

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